Saturday, 25 September 2010

Damn you, colds.

So this week has been a nightmare for me, namely because I've been stricken with the common cold. The common cold is not a stupid virus, it leeches onto the most vulnerable and makes them feel like hacking their nose off whilst simultaneously removing the contents of their throats. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, this cold made itself known to me on a dreary Monday morning, the kind where your bed clings onto you a little more than usual and your quilt feels like a big warm hug from Eeyore at Disney World, and when you leave that comfy embrace you end up feeling like the sad old donkey. The cold wasn't so bad on Monday, just a simple tickly throat and runny nose, and for once I thought; 'Wow, maybe Mr Common Cold is giving me a break this year!'. Alas, the common cold has never had any sympathy for me, and this year was no different.

When Tuesday rolled around I literally felt as heavy as a bus. By this time, I sounded like Eeyore too. Mum ordered me back to bed, and I wasn't going to complain. Somehow doing Michael Jackson's Thriller in dance whilst coughing my lungs out and blowing my nose every few seconds did not sound appealing in the slightest. At least I would have looked the part. So I slinked back upstairs and slipped back into safety of sleep for a long six hours until noon. 

I went back to school for the next two days (got to share my cold with everyone else, then we'll see who's skiving when they're off of school.) and was off again Friday, when I took a turn back into ill-waters again. 

In my last entry I showed you one wall of my room, so I thought that you'd might like to see the other side. Those are my guitars (if you couldn't tell already) and I love each one of them, although they need a good clean, my fingerprints are all over them. Not to mention the build up of dust that I've been neglecting!

Today I feel great, only a bit of my cold remaining (mind you, I've probably just jinxed it now). Since I felt better, I decided to make use of my lazy Saturday afternoon and started to study the first of my flying manuals. I took notes until some of the family decided to visit, breaking into the blissful silence and turning it into what I like to call a 'lol' session.

Speaking of 'lol', I wish my mum would stop capitalising it. Anytime I see 'LOL' I think she's shouting the word in my face. I know you're reading this mum. This is a hint.

Keep on rocking, people

- Lauren xxx

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  1. And today I have a cold. It must be cold and flu season. Take care of yourself! XOXO K