Saturday, 11 September 2010

So I started a blog...

Hello! My name is Lauren Martino, from Leeds (a plain city in West Yorkshire, England). I started this blog after reading Karlene's blog and a few others, following other pilots on their journeys around the world, as I aspire to be a commercial pilot too, sailing through the sky away from the corruption and destruction that occurs below, flying through a space that is so untouched it brings a tear to my eye. The feeling of rumbling down the runway at awesome speeds watching the surroundings meld into a blur lights a fire in my veins, sends a shiver of excitement running up my spine, reminding me that there is nothing I would rather do for the rest of my days than fly.

I have Spastic Diplegia, which is the mildest form of Cerebral Palsy, which affects my leg muscles, making them stiff. My mum and I are currently waiting on a reply from the CAA in London Gatwick to find out whether this will affect the direction of my dreams (to go solo for my PPL) but we think it won't because I do not suffer from seizures and my leg movement is quite fluid through years of wearing my "super stylish" splints and physiotherapy, which has helped me tremendously though the years.

My other love in life is music. I taught myself to the best of my ability to play guitar (started three years ago) and I'm still learning, and I'm trying to teach myself to play piano too. I have no idea what grade I'm at (I had no lessons, never really kept track of things, whoops!) but for me, I don't feel the need to have a grade, because to me, that's not what I began playing music for. I do not play to be graded (I get enough grades in school!), I play because it's a way for me to express myself, and without my music I would be a different person. I don't have anything against those that are graded though!

I have my trial flight lesson tomorrow at Sherburn Aero Club, which I will of course update you on :)

Anyway, toodle-pip darlings, relaxation calls!

- Lauren


  1. You go for it love, I know you can do it. One bright individual with passion for flying, follow your dreams and do what you love. Love you always, I will always be here for you and support you on your journey, all the way. MuM XxX

  2. Lauren, you will be flying to the moon one day. Just keep shooting for those stars!

    If the CAA denys you, they will have to ground every international pilot. We too have stiff legs, back, neck, shoulders... at the end of a every trip.

    Never let them tell you no. What I would recommend... is go get yourself a first class physical. Show them you are physically capable despite the diagnosis. Power in your pocket!

    You have a U.S. airline pilot advocate! And many more to come. I'm so excited to be following your blog!

    Spread those wings and fly! You're making incredible music beyond your guitar and piano.


    XOXO Karlene

  3. I believe in you too! Ofc you know that!! You're an amazing girl and you can do anything you put your mind to. You are so determined and will overcome anything. You are not just my best friend - you are my hero too. I'm always gonna be here supporting you forever, lysm Steph xxx

  4. Hi Lauren! My daughter is also 14, and learning to fly here in Dallas TX. She is half English (my half), and half American (her Mom's half). There is a picture on my blog.

    If you decide to take this up seriously once you are 16, you could do a lot worse than take a 2 week PPL course in American, either Florida or Texas. You will find that the savings of instructors and aeroplane (spelled the English way!) rentals will pay for the flight and hotel costs. If you decide to become a professional pilot, go to university at Embry Riddle in Florida ( - I wish now I had done that instead of doing my degree in London. You can get your aviation degree and commercial licenses all at the same time.

    Good Luck!! My Mom's a Yorkshire girl too!

  5. D.B. thanks for the advice, I will certainly look into that. Your daughter looks cool, good luck to her :)

  6. Hey Lauren! Glad I stumbled upon your blog! Best of luck to you and I was recently told I couldn't get a medical too! But here I am, almost a commercial pilot with the required medical! :) Look forward to see more flying posts from you :)