Thursday, 16 September 2010


My Trevor Thom manuals arrived yesterday, (well actually my mum went to go pick them up from the Post Office even though they should have been delivered...) and after I have done my revision for school and the piles of homework that I will no doubt recieve tomorrow, I shall start on book one (Flying Training) at the weekend, when I have a clear mind and the quietness to concentrate on taking notes. After all, I can't just blaze through page after page, I have to absorb the details! 

Anyway, mum got a call from the CAA, and they said they need a full medical report from my G.P so that they can then advise us further, which means we'll be booking an appointment with the doctors soon. In one of my previous posts I mentioned my totally awesome not-at-all-frumpy-and-horrible splints, and I thought you'd might like to see a picture of the sleek, sophisticated goddesses. 

Yep, these are those very helpful devices. I basically put my feet in them and fasten the velcro straps, which keeps my foot bent in a right angle to increase flexibility, and makes me walk like a penguin. They're modeled into the shape of my foot, but I'm growing out of them so I'll probably either need some new ones or they'll alter them, it depends what the physio says.                          

I also took a picture of one of my beautiful instruments, of which I cannot get enough of. It seems to have everything on it! I recieved this baby for my birthday, half paid for by my loving parents, (dad, if you're reading this, I'd like a cup of tea, thanks) who support me in everything I do. My walls are sporting guitars like fancy dresses and this beautiful Roland keyboard sits beneath them, looking all tempting. I also took a picture of the wall opposite, which shows evidence of my other love...

There are still gaps to fill, but I hope my flying certificates will cover that expanse of wall. Mum phoned up Sherburn inquiring about the age of recording flying hours, and my instructor got it wrong, it is fourteen. She also asked him how I really did (I was at school at the time, no idea this conversation was taking place) and he said that he did more with me in the trial lesson than a lot of other students that he's taken, and would love for me to continue with lessons (which I will do, without a doubt!)

- Lauren xxx

ETA: OMFG wow I failed the first time on posting this! Who knew I had the white background text colour on? I had to trawl through the HTML to fix it. Hopefully I'll NEVER make that mistake again!


  1. Really need to get some new speakers for your synthesizer, will have to wait and see what santa brings :)

    Keep up the good you xx


  2. Don't be saying that, mother. I'll be stealing the ones from downstairs, haha ;)

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  4. Hi Lauren,

    Always nice to see an aviator in the making, keep working hard and good luck on your medical with the CAA.

    Your Dad recently left a comment on my blog after reading a post I started about going from zero hours to an ATPL. I've now posted part 2 to the story so check out if you're interested!

    Also if you have any questions about aircraft or flying in general that come up when you are absorbing those books I would be happy to answer (if I can!),

    Happy Flying,