Friday, 10 December 2010

Yeah, whoops

So I haven't blogged in forever (mainly because I forgot what email I use to sign in, which is embarrassing considering I could have easily have found it out) and I've had a cold and insert a plethora of excuses here. Anyway, Britain has been covered with snow over the past few weeks (it's starting to melt now), and everything seemed to grind to a halt. Lots of schools were closed due to the weather, and mine was no exception. We were sent home during the middle of one day, which made lots of us walk home with the snow stinging our faces. It got even better when I had to walk past a 'rival' school to get home and had zillions of snowballs thrown at me. Now I must be a ghost, because not one of them hit me. Either that or lots of students have unbelievably bad aim.

A good thing about the weather though was how it looked afterwards. Mum and myself took a walk through the nearby woods and it was quite beautiful, and the snow in some places was actually quite deep!

Me, face exposed and tired from walking.
Another downside is the amount of people who had their flights cancelled and delayed by the weather. The runways must've been horrendous, and it makes me wonder why Britain seems to cripple under the weather whereas other places take it in their stride and keep things going with relative ease. At least THAT cold spell is over... for now.

Another thing... it's nearly Christmas!

I love December, mainly because I get an advent calendar (Thomas the Tank Engine if you were wondering), but also because there's a certain atmosphere that only Xmas can bring. Christmas songs on the TV, the decorations are up (minus the tree, we're working on that, i.e getting my dad to go in the garage and get it), and I'm getting cards already. I also love cuddling up to my beautiful cats.

Well, that's 2/3 of them. Very lazy things. Anyway, I hope you all have a marvellous Christmas and you spend it doing something you love.

Lots of love,

- Lauren xxx