Sunday, 12 September 2010

Taking Control


So today I went to Sherburn Aero Club for my trial lesson, and it was AMAZING. Caps was totally necassary for that. Yep. Anyway, during the day before the lesson, I was not nervous one bit, just filled to the brim with excitement, totally ready to learn. However, on the journey there, I began to fidget, wondering what my instructor would be like, what the weather would be like up there and a bunch of other things that ate at my mind as we rumbled along in the car through the countryside.

I had no reason to worry, as my instructor was a very nice guy called Barry, who said that I'd picked the perfect day for flying, as the weather was splendid. As we took off, Barry mentioned that I might not want to continue with the lessons because the plane was not a jet airliner, and therefore would feel different. He didn't need to worry about that though, cause once he'd tumbled down the runway, it was love for me and this plane. Going on holiday and looking out at the runway is a good experience, but actually being in the cockpit and gunning down the runway being able to see all around you is a totally different experience (albeit holiday jets are obviously faster, but nothing beats the feeling of glancing around and seeing everything).

Once we were level in the air at 3,000 feet, Barry led me through the basics of using the control stick to move the plane, and what displays were what. I had to go left and right whenever he told me, and try to keep the plane level and steered in a straight direction. The views outside of the countryside were spectacular, the air clear and the sun glinting off the river in a way that words alone cannot describe. I had to guide the plane through some steep turns that sent my stomach through the floor of the aircraft and onto the ground below.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and as I climbed from the cockpit, I thought to myself; 'Yep, this is definitely something I could get used to VERY easily. It was an amazing experience and a brilliant flight, though I can't say the same for all the flies that were stuck to the wing, frozen. And probably dead.

So yeah, an amazing day in my life, one of the best without a doubt, although they said that I can't start logging any hours until I'm fifteen, though the site says fourteen, so my mum will be having a word about that tomorrow. I also recieved this snazzy certificate!

Anyway, I have school tomorrow, but I won't be sleeping tonight! But goodnight to those of you who will :)

Ta-Ta darlings, ttyl etc.

- Lauren  xxx


  1. Yes i will certainly be ringing them up tomorrow to ask about that. Well done Lauren, so proud of you, in everything that you do.

    Mum xxx

  2. Congratulations Lauren! Too young to be a pilot but you're a promising one. Yes, it really feels nice to see things above. None can compare to seeing things underneath a flying aircraft. Everything seems so nice. Thanks for posting your aviation experience. Keep posting!

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