Sunday, 24 October 2010

I swear I'm going to collapse from exhaustion today. It has been a very long week for me, and every day seemed to drag its feet like that disobedient child that wants sweets in the middle of Morrisons. Not only did I have mock exams in Maths, English, Science and Geography, but I got a D in the Maths one. One mark off of a C. I nearly slapped myself at seeing a stupid mistake I made on the first question (one mark lost) but I refrained from doing so. After all, I need all the brain cells I can get. The good news at least is the fact that I got As and A*s in those Science mocks. I find out my marks for the other ones after half-term is over.

That's another good piece of news (I'm on a roll with this good news thing, don't stop me now), the fact that I have a glorious week free of writing massive essays on inner conflict in Macbeth, free of chanting the 'Geographical Fugue' in Music. I don't know how many more 'Canada Malaga Rimini Brindisi' chants I can take without slowly going insane. Some bad news however is the amount of revision that I need to do for Maths. I have my first actual real-deal-oh-my-God-serious GCSE Maths exam two weeks after I return to school (or so they say). Then I have my English controlled assessment task in December that apparently contributes a whole lot to my core grade. Now I enjoy Shakespeare's works to some extent, but analysing it is a tedious task to me. In this task we have to compare how Shakespeare creates inner conflict in Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. Now this does not sound too bad, I mean how bad could it be? Until I looked at my timetable sheet and found out that it is FOUR HOURS LONG. Four hours, stuck in a crammed classroom (my teacher says we don't do this assessment in the hall) writing sheets and sheets of jumbled words that my brain can't begin to comprehend anymore. Don't trust me in writing essays, I'll lose track of everything after a while and start rambling.

So I feel this break is well deserved, and I expected to get some good sleep over this weekend so I can tackle all that revision Monday through to Friday. Life however does not let me have my cake and eat it. Life being my next door neighbours in this instance. On Friday, I had a pretty good sleep, apart from having some strange dream that freaked me out even though I couldn't remember it. Never eat cheese before bed. However, last night I was kept awake by the sounds of the neighbours shouting and having some sort of angry party. I say angry party because I'm not quite sure whether they were having fun with guests or simply shouting at each other in fury. Either way, they were being loud and kept me up way after 1:30am. So today I feel like I am going to drop at any time, and I look like a panda gang has punched me in the eyes to make me one of their own. One of these days I'm going to wait until they're all in bed and I'll crank the volume to max on my guitar amplifier and keep them awake. Revenge is a dish best served through song.

Last weekend I had a Lion King marathon (who doesn't love the Lion King?) and it was pretty awesome. So I resorted to spending the weeknights drawing Simba and co rather than more important things such as revision (I regret nothing) and learning Don Mclean's 'Vincent' on guitar for my guitar lessons at school, which requires some funky fingerpicking and chord positions. Now I want some Lion King stickers to stick all around my room, on my guitars, everywhere. I don't think the (wo)man of the house (mum) will let me do that though. Or maybe she will, she's somewhat 'cool' like that.

It's been so long since I updated, jeez. Anyway, on a more aeroplane-related note, my family and I have watched lots of Air Crash Investigation programmes this week. It doesn't deter me from flying, instead it makes me realise how far air travel has come, and how it will continue to progress. A small note, but whatever.

Have a fun weekend guys,

- Lauren xxxx


  1. We will spend time on the maths this week, I promise. Don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing absolutely fantastic, the A* and A's prove that, stop putting yourself down there is plenty of time to work on the maths.

    Do what you want to in your room, as long as it doesn't look dreadful, yeah I am kind of cool if I must say so myself :)

    Will lift your spirits when we can finally book some flying lessons next year, the weather is going to be dreadful now so I think we should wait until nearer to your fifteenth birthday, then can start getting the hours logged and then go solo when you are 16.

    Chin up my girl, love you loads and loads, always remember that. Mum xx

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